Who We Are
The Education Center (TheEduCtr) is a nonprofit 501c-3 organization EIN#20-2496201, founded in 1988 to provide educational outreach to homeless and transitional housing parents & children. TheEduCtr is focused all year long on educating families and individuals who are struggling academically, financially, emotionally and spiritually. With the help of our donors we are able to deliver the food of academic hope, restoration, respect and integrity back to many of our adult learners, parents, and students through academic preparation, classroom preparation & employment training/placement for educators, individualized mentoring programs during the summer for youth and life skills guidance for students and their parents, as educators who believe in second and third chances.  God has blessed us richly through the giving of others so that we in turn can offer something of substance that has the power to change lives for a lifetime.

"God has richly blessed us through the giving of others so that we in turn can offer something of substance that has the power to change lives for a lifetime."  Unknown Author

Our Mission

The Education Center (TheEduCtr) exists to help, empower and encourage educators, under served individuals & families, community, parents and students to become advocates for their own education and to broaden their knowledge through various educational workshops, conferences, awards programs to honor educators of color, grassroots efforts and legal support. TheEduCtr advocates for the educational rights of all people.  We are a 501c3 organization.


Our Vision

The Education Center’s (TheEduCtr) vision is to give support to help people become advocates for their education and to see the effects of the advocacy by a positive change in the educational system.

We Need Your Support Today!

Family Crisis Education 





TheEduCtr sponsored “Family Crisis Programs” is an educational mentoring program to aid individuals, who are pushed out or kicked out of school, pregnant, homeless, abused, in shelters or abandon to receive ongoing education while they are in their crisis, all the while maintain the family structure. We also, provide a net work of educational resources (preschool-post-secondary) to help continue the family’s education in one location while they are in transition. Each family or individual will be given a certified teach/educator who will mentor them in all their educational needs.

Academic Prep Squad: MathMaze 

We have created unequaled interest, excitement and proficiency in foundation mathematics through an innovative mathematics skills development tool called Math Maze. The Program prepares low income elementary and idle school students to succeed in advanced mathematics by increasing positive attitudes and active engagement in learning mathematics. With MathMaze we increased engagement in mathematics by bringing awareness and exposure to educators, parents, and students. We have reached hundreds by providing workshops and trainings on the effective use of MathMaze.

Literacy Festival 

Open to ALL this FREE annual Literacy festival celebrates several facets of literacy with a focus on Math, Music and Movement, technology, financial literacy, creative reading & writing. We also provide educational workshops on current issues in education. Book give-a-way!

Nana's Scholars 

Our scholars come to this program with a gamut of challenging and unstable backgrounds that have disrupted educational and general adult development, progress and experiences. The Nana’s Scholars program has a ‘meet them where they are’ mentality and a passion for breaking down barriers on behalf of the scholars to set them up for success. Emphasis is placed on assisting all students with special needs in navigating college (college and career readiness or career path), providing supportive coaching in content tailored to each student’s unique needs, cheerleading scholar victories, and keeping scholars engaged. Students must be 13 years – 21 years old, and have a supporting grandparent or guardian.

Excellence In Education Recognition

Yearly program to honor educators of Color. We recognize and award educators publicly.

Email: TheEduCtr1988@gmail.com

Phone: 720-326-5176

TheEduCtr is a 501c-3 Charity - Non-Profit

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